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New song up!

2010-12-19 23:26:03 by BiSh0p

Check it!


2010-04-08 21:53:01 by BiSh0p

I'm pretty happy, it's been a while since I last posted, but I have new songs up, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.


2009-08-18 20:06:19 by BiSh0p

This post has no purpose!

I just get tired of old posts talknig about how depressed I am.

So I'm making this post to talke about the greatest candy ever.


WERTHERS Are an awesome caramel candy, just recently I got a bag of Coffee and Caramel Werthers and they are AWESOME.

The very existence of Werthers proves that Germany makes the best shit ever!


Goddammit all.

2009-08-10 20:45:48 by BiSh0p

I don't have any inspiration, and every time I start to work on a song, I thinl of how NG users badly rated "Ambrosia" and I just can't seem to make anything good, maybe it will pass, maybe not.


2009-08-06 12:55:40 by BiSh0p

If you like my music, or just want to talk, AIM me bitches.

Check out my most recent songs, Ambrosia Medusae, and Tanzenbaum [Final].

Ich möchte in der Lage zu sagen, dass meine Arbeit ist. Aber ich weiß, dass mein Hobby als Song Creator ist gerade erst begonnen, ich habe ein neues Gefühl von Anfang mit meinem neuen Song, da so viele Menschen wie sie.

Well then!

2009-08-05 10:36:41 by BiSh0p

I think that the low voters of Newgrounds can eat a pile of steamy cow dung.

I'm working on my new song, I'm going to try to take my time, but no guarantees.


2009-08-03 07:51:41 by BiSh0p

I want to make another song, but I don't think anybody likes my music.
Should I just give up?
Because every time I try to make a song, it always sounds bad, I think I'm judging myself now, I never used to.

My audio submissions.

2009-07-31 08:38:50 by BiSh0p

They pretty much suck, but I'm working on them.

Just bored.

2009-07-24 03:40:07 by BiSh0p

Thought I'd post cuz I'm bored as shit. Nothing really to put in here.

Learning new shit, Asked Metaljonus to help.

If you've never heard of Metaljonus, look him up in the audio portal RIGHT NOW!


2009-06-09 19:06:14 by BiSh0p

Well, I've no submissions at the moment because my band is still screening for members.

Plus, I need equipment.
So since I can't get a job yet, I'm just doing whatever I can to make money.

But if I have to, I'll post some solo riffs on this site. But I'd have to develop something that isn't meant to be a section of a song.

I love you guys(even if you don't know who I am)

-Kevin, AngelCorpse